samedi 28 juillet 2007

Dark-Temple released !

That's it, the map is finally released, after some month of building it, quite a bit of testing considering i had trouble finding all the shortcuts.. Thanks a lot to Hades for his numerous vq3 tests and for finding most of the shortcuts ; and to Nebula for testing the map in CPM ( coming up quicker than expected with a fast demo, and finding a bug that'd have fucked up the final trick).
You can grab the map here :
Oh i kinda forgot, but it's obviously stated above, this is a both VQ3 and CPM map.

I also added a link to the right part of this very page.
Enjoy ;)

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saoullabit a dit…

Salut, je viens de passer et je crois que je vais m'amuser a faire le tour de tes cartes :)
Je ne te promet pas un retour super rapide, mais il y aura un retour !