jeudi 8 février 2007

The final room ..

The final room of Oasis-Temple2 ! Well it does look good to me, i'll detail the ceiling a bit more, and maybe add some fish in the water :D

mardi 6 février 2007

samedi 3 février 2007

Now it does look better, still need to make the plant shader working..

Total Brushes : 4506
Total Entities : 554 ( 339 lights, 182 models)
Net Brush Count : 3931

vendredi 2 février 2007

And then...

Here I feel that I'm losing the spirit of the map more and more, it really feels empty, empty, empty.. And ugly somehow, that red light need changing, the wall at the back is too empty, the surroundings are too empty...
Emptyness :(