vendredi 23 mars 2007

You'll get no more screens of OT2 !

Yeah ot2 being soon finished, i wont show any more of it until the release date, and i'll add a link to it once it's out. Don't expect it before the end of April though :>
Here's probably the last project I'll be doing, long project I mean.. Highly inspired by Dark Messiah, i even took some textures from that game (but shh !). The room is empty of details still, gotta add those, but the architecture is what I expected :)

jeudi 22 mars 2007

Ok, this is it, the final room of Oasis-temple2 is done ! Now all I need to do is add some more lights (yes some parts are a bit too dark), some more details in the outside parts (there's a big empty part still :( ), and make a compile in order to have it tested. Release date planned : Within a month !

Total brush count :4989
Net Brush Count : 3868
Entities : 1098 (772 lights, 320 models)

lundi 19 mars 2007

Okay the screen here looks better, just need to add some more details :)

jeudi 15 mars 2007

lundi 5 mars 2007

New map Project

Highly inspired by Dark Messiah of might and magic (shitty, though beautiful game), I took some textures from that game and tried to make a first room.. Here's what's it like, without any ceiling, and with apparently buggy models (lights aside the lamps). Hopefully this will become a big map, not necessarily well playable, we'll see ;)

Oasis-temple 2 ON BREAK

Yeah, it's on break, but i got a bit sick of rebuilding everything, so don't expect it any soon.. But I WILL finish it later this year !