samedi 29 septembre 2007

Here's what comes next, as usual heh ^^ It's not too much detailed yet, the corridor is too empty for my taste, and I might open the ceiling to give a lil more light and a better ambiance. Considering the teleporter at the back of the screen, this will be the end of Part 1.

samedi 15 septembre 2007

Here's what's next !

Right, this is the new shader I'm using, maybe it's a bit too blue-ish but I'll see that a bit later, I'm having problems finding a proper muddy kind of water shader.
*E* well the fog in the water makes it all up, so I guess this will be the final version for this room. There's a bug I need to correct, that's all :)

I have to change that damn shader, the glass prevents us from seeing the generator model properly. Maybe I'll have to make a more slimy looking water shader aswell. Other than that, the lighting is *almost* perfect.

samedi 25 août 2007

NM again !

And it keeps going with this screenshot, it still feels a bit empty -and dark- but the atmosphere is the one i was hoping for, so I'm happy with it, for now :)

Here's the next room, the next floor i should say, but it's damn empty atm. I'll fill in some details later on :]

vendredi 24 août 2007

New map started !

1. yeah, the egypt project is now ON BREAK, so I decided to start another map, but since i've used very few curves in my previous maps, i got some texture alignment problems here :/ Screen here to the left.

2. Okay, i kept going through the new map, added lights, models, compiled, just to see the rendering. Here's the screen, to the left. :)

samedi 28 juillet 2007

Dark-Temple released !

That's it, the map is finally released, after some month of building it, quite a bit of testing considering i had trouble finding all the shortcuts.. Thanks a lot to Hades for his numerous vq3 tests and for finding most of the shortcuts ; and to Nebula for testing the map in CPM ( coming up quicker than expected with a fast demo, and finding a bug that'd have fucked up the final trick).
You can grab the map here :
Oh i kinda forgot, but it's obviously stated above, this is a both VQ3 and CPM map.

I also added a link to the right part of this very page.
Enjoy ;)

samedi 30 juin 2007



mardi 26 juin 2007

Okay, this is the outside part.. I took the inspiration from a drawing I saw on the net, and arranged it my way.. I might add more details, it's a pretty big place so it shouldn't look so much empty.. Maybe some colored lights in the water will fix the monotony. I'll update later this week with some modifications :)

dimanche 17 juin 2007

ST ! (the full name will be kept secret yet)

Fixed a couple of texture alignment, couple of lights aswell :)

Right'o, started a new map, yeah that's still -again- egypt textures.. The fact is, they do give me a lot of architectural ideas, and even some cool trick ideas. I've tried a lot of texture sets, and the egyptsoc one is the one thatsuits my maps best.

lundi 11 juin 2007

jeudi 17 mai 2007

Empty corridor :(

Way too empty room, where you'll have to do Hades' idea of a trick ! I'll try to think of something to make it look less empty in the next couple of hours :)

And here comes the improvement of the corridor, longer, since the upcoming trick requires a *certain* amout of speed ^^
It's empty, but since it's vq3 I can't add obstacles on the way :'(

jeudi 10 mai 2007

And what follows ..

Okay so this is what's after what was before :p basically a speed+battlesuit pg climb.. colors are okay, maybe i used that red-glow trim a lil too much, makes the room too joyful kinda.. this is supposed to be a dark atmosphere map though, but i'll see about reducing light range maybe.. :)

A lil ob, in the black kinda hole at the bottom and you'll have to pg-climb up to the opening (top right).. Lacks details on the walls really, just like most of the previous screens.. Just dunno what to add yet, might be better if I didnt add much, fps wise ^^

mardi 8 mai 2007

And here we go again

This is what follows, it's a pretty hard project really, considering I've always been mapping for cpm.. This room's got not working models, not enbough light, and is too square shaped. will improve its looks tomorrow =)

Okay here's the new room, with handmade lamps, a bit more lights.. Still too few details, i'll prolly add some later on when i have more ideas..

vendredi 20 avril 2007

Oasis-temple2 is finally out

Aye it's out, fresh, cool, like you would expect from an egyptian map :D As I like to say, it's imho my best work, it's an easy map to finish, yet it's hard to make a good time. Spent so much time on it, I'm relieved it's out :]
Grab it here :

You'll also find a link on the right side of this page :)

vendredi 23 mars 2007

You'll get no more screens of OT2 !

Yeah ot2 being soon finished, i wont show any more of it until the release date, and i'll add a link to it once it's out. Don't expect it before the end of April though :>
Here's probably the last project I'll be doing, long project I mean.. Highly inspired by Dark Messiah, i even took some textures from that game (but shh !). The room is empty of details still, gotta add those, but the architecture is what I expected :)

jeudi 22 mars 2007

Ok, this is it, the final room of Oasis-temple2 is done ! Now all I need to do is add some more lights (yes some parts are a bit too dark), some more details in the outside parts (there's a big empty part still :( ), and make a compile in order to have it tested. Release date planned : Within a month !

Total brush count :4989
Net Brush Count : 3868
Entities : 1098 (772 lights, 320 models)

lundi 19 mars 2007

Okay the screen here looks better, just need to add some more details :)

jeudi 15 mars 2007

lundi 5 mars 2007

New map Project

Highly inspired by Dark Messiah of might and magic (shitty, though beautiful game), I took some textures from that game and tried to make a first room.. Here's what's it like, without any ceiling, and with apparently buggy models (lights aside the lamps). Hopefully this will become a big map, not necessarily well playable, we'll see ;)

Oasis-temple 2 ON BREAK

Yeah, it's on break, but i got a bit sick of rebuilding everything, so don't expect it any soon.. But I WILL finish it later this year !

jeudi 8 février 2007

The final room ..

The final room of Oasis-Temple2 ! Well it does look good to me, i'll detail the ceiling a bit more, and maybe add some fish in the water :D

mardi 6 février 2007

samedi 3 février 2007

Now it does look better, still need to make the plant shader working..

Total Brushes : 4506
Total Entities : 554 ( 339 lights, 182 models)
Net Brush Count : 3931

vendredi 2 février 2007

And then...

Here I feel that I'm losing the spirit of the map more and more, it really feels empty, empty, empty.. And ugly somehow, that red light need changing, the wall at the back is too empty, the surroundings are too empty...
Emptyness :(

mercredi 31 janvier 2007

Okay, here's the start of the second (and last) half (yes definitely last half) of the map.. Green lights are a bit too big (though 3 units wide), and the room a bit too empty, but the room's got the spirit i wanted, that's the positive thing.

Total Brushes : 3859
Net Brush Count : 3395
Lights : 280

samedi 20 janvier 2007

Overall view of the first part of the map

Here's the outside (obviously ^^) of the first half (more or less) of the ma. Looks okay to me, since you dont spend much time outside.. The red room (top left) is unused, probably will add a secret leading there with the 'thanks' :)

samedi 13 janvier 2007

Empty room, needs filling

Empty, so empty......
Added some platform to help the gameplay, some tiles, still feels too empty :(

jeudi 4 janvier 2007

And after what was before .. :p

This is tonight's work, after a big jump you land here. And do some easy Ujumps. Those fancy stuff on the floor are doors you'll use to reach the end. That'll make the map cheatable online, but cba giving up my idea.
This corridor needs some more details, also I gotta check why the fog doesn't cast the red light. Maybe a lil less white lights? I'll see tomorrow.

Net Brush Count : 1734
Entities : 253 ( 163 lights, 89 models)
Total brushes : 1987

mardi 2 janvier 2007

Oasis-Temple2, second room !

The second room's almost done, need to fill some empty spaces at the bottom of the screen for instance.. Also, some gameplay modifications need to be done, though it'll look roughly the same once the room is finalized. Got no bugs in this room :).

Net Brush Count : 1359
Total Entities : 176 (108 lights, 67 models)
Total Brushes : 1535