mercredi 31 janvier 2007

Okay, here's the start of the second (and last) half (yes definitely last half) of the map.. Green lights are a bit too big (though 3 units wide), and the room a bit too empty, but the room's got the spirit i wanted, that's the positive thing.

Total Brushes : 3859
Net Brush Count : 3395
Lights : 280

samedi 20 janvier 2007

Overall view of the first part of the map

Here's the outside (obviously ^^) of the first half (more or less) of the ma. Looks okay to me, since you dont spend much time outside.. The red room (top left) is unused, probably will add a secret leading there with the 'thanks' :)

samedi 13 janvier 2007

Empty room, needs filling

Empty, so empty......
Added some platform to help the gameplay, some tiles, still feels too empty :(

jeudi 4 janvier 2007

And after what was before .. :p

This is tonight's work, after a big jump you land here. And do some easy Ujumps. Those fancy stuff on the floor are doors you'll use to reach the end. That'll make the map cheatable online, but cba giving up my idea.
This corridor needs some more details, also I gotta check why the fog doesn't cast the red light. Maybe a lil less white lights? I'll see tomorrow.

Net Brush Count : 1734
Entities : 253 ( 163 lights, 89 models)
Total brushes : 1987

mardi 2 janvier 2007

Oasis-Temple2, second room !

The second room's almost done, need to fill some empty spaces at the bottom of the screen for instance.. Also, some gameplay modifications need to be done, though it'll look roughly the same once the room is finalized. Got no bugs in this room :).

Net Brush Count : 1359
Total Entities : 176 (108 lights, 67 models)
Total Brushes : 1535