samedi 30 juin 2007



mardi 26 juin 2007

Okay, this is the outside part.. I took the inspiration from a drawing I saw on the net, and arranged it my way.. I might add more details, it's a pretty big place so it shouldn't look so much empty.. Maybe some colored lights in the water will fix the monotony. I'll update later this week with some modifications :)

dimanche 17 juin 2007

ST ! (the full name will be kept secret yet)

Fixed a couple of texture alignment, couple of lights aswell :)

Right'o, started a new map, yeah that's still -again- egypt textures.. The fact is, they do give me a lot of architectural ideas, and even some cool trick ideas. I've tried a lot of texture sets, and the egyptsoc one is the one thatsuits my maps best.

lundi 11 juin 2007