jeudi 17 mai 2007

Empty corridor :(

Way too empty room, where you'll have to do Hades' idea of a trick ! I'll try to think of something to make it look less empty in the next couple of hours :)

And here comes the improvement of the corridor, longer, since the upcoming trick requires a *certain* amout of speed ^^
It's empty, but since it's vq3 I can't add obstacles on the way :'(

jeudi 10 mai 2007

And what follows ..

Okay so this is what's after what was before :p basically a speed+battlesuit pg climb.. colors are okay, maybe i used that red-glow trim a lil too much, makes the room too joyful kinda.. this is supposed to be a dark atmosphere map though, but i'll see about reducing light range maybe.. :)

A lil ob, in the black kinda hole at the bottom and you'll have to pg-climb up to the opening (top right).. Lacks details on the walls really, just like most of the previous screens.. Just dunno what to add yet, might be better if I didnt add much, fps wise ^^

mardi 8 mai 2007

And here we go again

This is what follows, it's a pretty hard project really, considering I've always been mapping for cpm.. This room's got not working models, not enbough light, and is too square shaped. will improve its looks tomorrow =)

Okay here's the new room, with handmade lamps, a bit more lights.. Still too few details, i'll prolly add some later on when i have more ideas..