samedi 29 septembre 2007

Here's what comes next, as usual heh ^^ It's not too much detailed yet, the corridor is too empty for my taste, and I might open the ceiling to give a lil more light and a better ambiance. Considering the teleporter at the back of the screen, this will be the end of Part 1.

samedi 15 septembre 2007

Here's what's next !

Right, this is the new shader I'm using, maybe it's a bit too blue-ish but I'll see that a bit later, I'm having problems finding a proper muddy kind of water shader.
*E* well the fog in the water makes it all up, so I guess this will be the final version for this room. There's a bug I need to correct, that's all :)

I have to change that damn shader, the glass prevents us from seeing the generator model properly. Maybe I'll have to make a more slimy looking water shader aswell. Other than that, the lighting is *almost* perfect.